Species: Sea otter (Enhydra lutris)
Scientific classification: vertebrate, marine mammal, carnivor, family of Mustelidae
Physical characteristics:
    • weight: between 14 and 33 kg the females and between 22 and 45 kg the males
    • length: 1 to 1.4 m
    • thick coat of fur to keep warm
    • fur is usually deep brown with silver-gray speckles.
    • In adults, the head, throat, and chest are lighter in color than the rest of the body
    • long, sensitive whiskers
    • sense of smell is very important
    • front paws help catch fish and other prey
    • can see above and below the water
    • have two pouches where they store food
Population and distribution:
Behaviour: it's diurnal. Cleans its fur
    • eat marine invertebrates (molluscs, crustaceans)
    • eat while floating on their backs
    • use forepaws to bring food to their mouths
Life cycle:
Breeding / Reproduction:
Social structure:
Predation and danger: threatened (endangered)
Relationship with humans:
Interesting facts:
  • can live its entire life without leaving the water

Sea otters are mammals