Species:wolf (canin lupus)
Scientific classification:mammal,omnivor,vertebrate. Family of Canidae.
Physical characteristics:20-80 kg,1.59m,
Population and distribution: in wilderness and remote areas of Canada, Alaska, northern USA, Europe and Asia, and is extinc in much of western Europe, Mexico, and the USA.
Habitat:Forest, Taiga, Deserts, plains, and mountains

Feeding:grey wolves have

While grey wolves have a varied diet, such as moose, caribou, deer, elk and wild boar . the grey wolf consumes 2.5 to 6.3 kilograms of food per day, and will cache surplus food in the form of regurgitated chunks (2).
Life cycle:
Breeding / Reproduction:
Social structure:
Predation and danger:
Relationship with humans:the grey wolf has a long history of prexcution, as well as hunting and trapineg for its fur, witch reducell its historial regne bi almost a third.
Interesting facts: