Species: Seagull (Larus audouini)

Scientific classification: bird,vertebrate, family of laridae it's carnivor

Physical characteristics:Length 55-67cm (2)
Wingspan: 135-145 cm (2)

Population and distribution: coast Asia, Europe and north america
Habitat:the herring gull is an extremely versatile capable of ocuping a vast diversity of habitats.Typically, it is most abundant on large islands, and coastal or near-coastal areas,but it also forages far inland around large lakes

Feeding: eat crabs, small fish, insects and small rodents
Life cycle: live ten years
Breeding / Reproduction: make nests in grounds. lay 2-3 eggs and eggs hatch 20-30 days. seagulls protect the eggs and the birds
Social structure: are social. comunicate using calls and body language
Predation and danger:
Relationship with humans: eat the food of the humans in the citys
Interesting facts: drink saltwater and freshwater . Are good swimers